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I created this blog as an outlet for me to share my thoughts on all things entertainment - film, television, and community theater. What I didn't expect was for it to create a community of it's own. Thank you to everyone who reads my reviews, works with me in the Oregon community theater, collaborates with me on podcasts, and ultimately supports me in this endeavor.


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Jeannette Mickenham

Writer, Actor, Director, Blogger

Jeannette got started in the entertainment industry at a very early age. She began with singing and acting, and began her professional career doing voice over work and acting in various projects in Los Angeles. She began writing as early as high school and has written many screenplays and short stories since her early 20s. After spending time on stage in plays and musicals, she went behind the curtain to Direct community theater. Now residing in the Pacific Northwest, she is active in the local theater community and has found her passion in blogging and podcasts.

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