Brittany Runs a Marathon


Written and directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo, Brittany Runs a Marathon is funny, sad, poignant, blunt, and inspirational. Based on a real Brittany, the story follows a twenty-something woman who parties too much, is chronically late for work, makes jokes in every situation as a defense mechanism for connecting to the world, and is faced with the reality of her choices. Her new doctor tells her she has to get healthy and this is the story of how she overcomes her fears and does it.

This movie is so funny. The dialogue seems a bit odd which quickly goes away once you realize this is how Brittany communicates with the world around her. Brittany’s (Jillian Bell) life is a sad state of drinking and over-eating and judging those around her knowing she is being judged in return. She can’t pay for a gym membership, being broke, so she decides she’s going to take advantage of the “free” outdoors and take up running. She makes it outside but becomes overwhelmed and changes her mind. Her neighbor Catherine (Michaela Watkins) tries to befriend her–being an avid runner–but Brittany doesn’t adjust to new friends easily. Brittany does finally make it around the block and eventually becomes a part of a running group where she meets Seth (Micah Stock) who becomes her running partner and friend. Misery loves company 🙂 no judging there… Both accept Catherine and a running trio/friendship is born. Throughout the process of getting healthy and losing weight, Brittany is constantly reminded of her “loser” status by her roommate Gretchen (Alice Lee) who “appears” to have the perfect life on Instagram.

The running group decides to train for the NYC marathon. Brittany gets another job, house sitting, to raise money for her spot in the marathon. Her house-sitting partner, Jern (Utkarsh Ambudkar) becomes her unlikely friend and confidant which ultimately, along with Seth and Catherine, helps her realize worth. She has some setbacks, but reaches her goals–eventually–and finds the strength to keep going.

This movie was fun to watch! I found myself relating to Brittany at times, wanting to shush her other times, and rooted for her throughout. I cried for all she accomplished. This is the pro-female film I’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t bash anyone or anything except for bullying, self-loathing, and giving up. It does inspire to open your heart, to ask for help, be there for your friends, and take care of yourself. Available on Amazon. Watch the trailer below:

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