Goodbye Gemini (1970)

Written by Edmund Ward. Directed by Alan Gibson. Based on the book by Jenni Hall . A twin brother & sister, with a incestually close relationship, get involved with a hustler deep in debt. Running time 1 hour 29 minutes.


So, Jackie (Judy Geeson) and Julian (Martin Potter) are gorgeous sister/brother twins with a strange child-like yet very dark incestuous relationship. They arrive in London, toting a black teddy bear, and immediately make themselves at home in a large walk-up house. They manage to get rid of the housekeeper, in the least friendly way possible, so they can be their weird selves in private.

The twins quickly get involved in the London swinging 60s scene and everyone seems to be excited and weirded out by them at the same time. Clive (Alexis Kanner) takes an interest in Jackie and Julian, both sexually and financially, and gets his friend Denise (Marian Diamond) to play along to get closer to the twins.

Clive is in debt for his gambling and decides to use Julian as a way to make the money he needs to pay his debt. He gets Julian stoned and takes him to a hotel to party which turns out to be a gang bang by some drag queens (alluded to, not shown). Clive takes pictures of the night and then tries to blackmail Julian for money.

The twins respond in their own weird way with sheets and swords, much to Clive’s horror and demise. Jackie goes on the run and finds herself at James’ (Michael Redgrave) house, who happens to be part of the swinging scene and also a public official of some kind. Jackie eventually goes in search of where her brother is hiding out only to find out he has packed their things and wants to flee for France. Jackie has a change of heart about what they did to Clive and refuses causing Julian to strangle Jackie and then kill himself.

What I Liked

I loved the music and scenery of the film. Filmed and released in 1970, the film has a grainy quality with the groovy music of the time. It was shot in London, so the landscapes are quaint with the rows of homes, the elaborate and gaudy interior of the home, and the swingers party boat.

The twins often dressed similarly and the casting for them was incredible. They really did look like brother and sister and that super gorgeous blond hair/ blue eyes doll-like looks was unsettling. Julian is awkwardly sexual towards Jackie in public, becoming jealous, dancing with her, etc. while others watch on. They had these moments when they kiss and act passionate and then Jackie pushes him away which only drives Julian’s obsession with her. They were pretty evil, too with the way they handled people they didn’t like and then laugh about it later as if nothing happened.

Even though the sex and violence was present, it was filmed in a way which alluded to things happening instead of being graphic. You knew based on close-ups of the drag queens mouths and Julian’s face what was happening just like you knew with the twins set up of Clive’s fate and then Clive’s face with blood.

The costuming and hair was amazing. Perky boobs and lamb chop sideburns…

What I Wished Was Better

With movies of this time period, I cannot really say what I wished was better. I think the creepiness of the twins was well done as well as people’s obsession with them.

Final Thoughts

This film is so weird and creepy which makes it worth watching. It kind of has that Rosemary’s Baby graininess to it and the off-putting sexuality and evil subtlety seeping in. It makes no excuse or judgement for the twins. They are off from the opening to the closing and feel nothing for the things they do in between. Well, Jackie sort of does at the end and that didn’t turn out well for her. I watched Goodbye Gemini because it was released in 1970, the year I was born, and I’m a Gemini 🙂 so I thought it might be fun. Well, it was fun and weird. Available on Amazon. Watch the trailer below:

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