Here I will post updates regarding the 2020 opening of Philomath Arts & Cinema!

Philomath Arts & Cinema will provide movies, live theatre, live music and public speaking events, a gallery for art exhibits and collections and more! First, second, documentaries, and independent features will be shown here. Plays, musicals, original work, one act, and 10 minute plays! Local bands and musicians live in a concert style venue as well as public speaking events for businesses, seminars, and presentations. The gallery will showcase local artists in all art forms, art installations, and loaned art collections.

Community interaction at Philomath Arts & Cinema is a must! So at the PAC, we’ll be offering these awesome clubs:

Film club: Participants will watch a movie selected from the Film Club or Film Foundation curriculum then discuss plot points, social justice/injustice, theme etc. This club is designed to get the conversation started with our youth about their place in the world and what they can do to make it better place.

Art Club: We will partner with local artists to talk about and teach varying art styles to participants interested in learning more about art and the many forms it takes.

Music Club: A place for budding musicians to come together to discuss music, jam together, and learn about music genres.

Theatre club: Learn the many facets of theatre! From writing, casting, directing, performing, set/light/sound design, as well as make up and costumes! On stage or behind the scenes, we have a place for you to shine!

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