The Blade Runner Saga

Blade Runner 2049


So, the Earth is still a dark, rainy or snowy place, the architecture is still massive and unwelcoming, except the sliding doors of the future have been replaced with hinged doors of the old days…I know, I weird little detail which has NO bearing on the story line BUT it stuck our to me like a sore thumb. Don’t let this little tidbit stop you from watching this film.

Picking Up Where Blade Runner Left Off

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the story picks up 30 years later with the latest Blade Runner/replicant “K” played by Ryan Gosling. On a routine job, he discovers a clue to the past which leads him on a journey to find Deckard who has been missing for the last 30 years. He is led by Lieutenant Joshi, played by Robin Wright, who is not only one tough broad but she also holds the fate of society in her hands which she’s not taking lightly. She needs “K” to shut things down with the search for Deckard, contain it before those she reports to finds out, and get rid of any evidence. This assignment is larger and deeper than even she realizes. There’s a new corporate bad guy in 2049, played by the strange Jared Leto. (I don’t actually think he’s strange, he just plays strange people.)

Desolation And Destruction

We still having flying cars and the voice-activated systems of Blade Runner. What Denis Villeneuve adds is vast landscapes of desolation and destruction, poor air quality, and separation in the form of structures as well as human connection. “K’s” closest companion is a holographic female beautifully played by Ana de Armas. He longs for her to be real and the sadness behind his eyes every time he’s reminded she isn’t is clear and heart breaking. Their scenes together are tender and yet sad. When Harrison Ford makes his appearance, it’s gangbusters all the way. He picks up right where Deckard would be 30 years later without missing a beat. They were meant to play opposite each other in so many ways. As they learn about each other, they learn more about themselves. I found myself saying things out loud to the television the things I wanted them to say to each other. By the end, I wanted so much more for the both of them, I found myself teared up for the ending I wanted for them. For all of them.

Blade Runner 2049 is a story about learning you are are and your place in the world while searching for the answers to a question which probably shouldn’t have been asked. It opens Pandora’s Box for “K” and those he comes in contact with as he searches for the truth about himself and the man he’s looking for. There are revelations in 2049 which reveal some truths or insights kept secret in the original movie. This movie reveals a future of separation in spite of all the human efforts to connect. Along with its original installment, what we have as a human race is not enough. We are going to use it, abuse it, and throw it away only to colonize and trash some other place in space. Gonna keep piling up the garbage and build until there are no more trees or flowers, or anything truly alive. I wonder if there’s anyway to change the trajectory of the future into one we can live with?

4 thoughts on “The Blade Runner Saga”

  1. Great reviews. Can you believe I have never seen those movies? Although is there a Bladerunner game because that sounds familiar to me. Maybe my sons or husband had it.

    1. Yes, I can! I had not seen Blade Runner 2049 before watching and reviewing for this post 🙂 I’m not a gamer but it sounds like it would be cool! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I was just telling my son I needed a good movie to watch. I love the original Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and I haven’t watched Blade Runner 2049. Looks like a good choice. I’m going to add to my weekend list.

    1. If you like the original, you won’t be disappointed with the sequel. My grocery store had a copy of Blade Runner 2049 and I picked it up because I liked it so much! (and it was only $6)

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