Week in Review 11/28 to 12/5

This past week, I saw a bunch of stuff in the cinema which I wrote about in separate posts. It was a busy week of meetings and city outings. The nights I was home I watched a lot of Live PD (it’s addicting, don’t judge).

I started a new page called Spotlight and shared my new love for The Darkside Cinema. If you have not been, you should go. It’s a great place to see good films and spend your hard earned dollars where it really makes a difference. My next Spotlight post will be of The Whiteside Theater. Look for that on Monday 🙂

I hope the holidays are a time of reflection. It’s a crazy time of year regardless just due to the weather, so add in the societal pressure of the holidays, missing loved ones, and just trying to get through the day—it can be hard. Please know, even if you are alone, or feel alone, you’ll always be welcome here. Message me via any of my social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email: philomathartsandcinema@gmail.com. We can hang out or talk. It’s your choice. XOXOXO Squeaky (Jeannette)

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