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I love this theater group! They put so much heart and soul into every production! A ton of talent tucked away in Junction City, Oregon. Directed by Cory Snyder, Shrek Jr is so much fun! Full of laughs and the sweetest cast of young performers! Let’s get to it! Of course you know the story. Lord Faquaad has banished all the fairy tale people to Shrek’s swamp. In order for Shrek to get his swamp back, he must rescue Princess Fiona for Lord Farquaad. He meets Donkey along the way and hilarity ensues! True love’s kiss reveals all! Fun for all ages.

The set is simple yet pretty complex with so many changes! This group has limited space in the wings (my husband has been back there) and the set pieces they kept pulling out and putting back were perfect for each scene with transitions being super smooth! Kudos to Cory Snyder for designing and the team for their hard work building!

The costumes were plentiful and on point! Edie Moro and team out did themselves with all the princesses, Lord Farquaad, gingerbread man, Pinocchio, Shrek, donkey, and the rest! Clever and creative, everyone looked amazing!

Choreography was fun and well organized for the number of people onstage. The ensemble looked like they were having a great time!

Josiah Smith is Shrek and he definitely has the sweet side of Shrek down! If he explores the Ogre side more in coming shows, it’ll be on point. Broder Foshay is fun as Donkey and gets through those lines lickety split! I lost sight of him a few times when he rolls and laughs but he makes up for it in his expressions and enthusiasm. Maya Miller is so sweet as Fiona, so full of hope, and spunk too! Samuel Hague as Lord Farquaad was hilarious! He stole every scene he was in! Keziah Garnett as Gingy (the gingerbread man) was so sassy and cute! Gingy and Lord Farquaad together = pure comedy. Everleigh Johnson as Pinocchio was fantastic! It was hard to hear her at times since her character has such a high pitch voice but the personality was totally there and the nose…perfection!

The ensemble is completely the best! I had so much fun watching the storytellers: Larissa Tryon, Brisa Garnett, and Zephira Garnett; Abit Thompson as the Dragon; the Ogre family- Zane Miller, Madeline Mervine, and Nathan Lidbeck; the Guards–Noah Davis and Scott Lidbeck; Olivia Haynes as the Big Bad Wolf; Eva Buenau as the Wicked Witch; the Three Pigs–Max Solbeck, Gianna Spencer, and Elora Miller; the Bear Family–Kimber Bowser, Natalie Richardson, and Nathan Hague; the Ugly Duckling Emme Werner (who was too cute to be ugly); Paige Buenau as Peter Pan; and the Young Fionas–Alexis Cook and Claire Watson.

I felt like a proud parent watching Shrek Jr and I don’t even know any of the kids! Kudos to the team for creating a production these kids can be proud of! Director Assistant Danielle Mumford, Stage Manager Naomi McCoy, Production Assistant Ashonalee Seaborn, Makeup Designer Michelle Garnett, and all the amazing parents and volunteers building, sewing, and teching this fun show!

This show only runs this weekend! Be sure to get out and support local performing arts. Click HERE for showtimes and tickets.

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