and comedy and musicals and…

Theatre runs through my veins like the air I breathe. This page is where I’ll give you the nitty gritty on what I’ve seen, where I’ve seen it, and why you should run to see it as fast as you can or use that 10 foot pole in your back pocket to distance yourself from it.

You may be asking yourself: Who does this Squeaky person thinks she is? What makes her an expert? Well, I’m not sure I would qualify myself as an expert but….

Just in the last four years, I have performed in large musicals, stage plays, directed four shows, was a lead tech adviser and worked on over two dozen small scale productions as well as light and sound designer, stage manager, and playwright. I also sing on a regular basis as a guest with Michael Wren and friends at Imagine Coffee in Corvallis, Ore. You can see some of my videos on my Instagram and IGTV. Before that, I wrote and produced actor showcases in Los Angeles, Ca as well as performed voice-overs (yes, I have a demo.) for local independent projects and did some background acting spots on shows like Babylon 5, JAG, and Felicity to name a few. There were some movies in there too but it was so long ago…The 1990’s are such a blur. I did some infomercials back in the day but we won’t get into that 🙂

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