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The Darkside Cinema is one of my new favorite places to see a film. I finally got my bootie down there (or up if you count going to the second floor) for their Tuesday night Sci-Fi extravaganza recently. What a treat! What a deal! Oh what fun it is to watch at the Darkside! I have since attended two sci-fi movies and one current film. (A little known feature called The Lighthouse…I love this film so much…) I know it isn’t much but I’ve only been going there for two weeks…

Anyway, for those who don’t know, The Darkside Cinema is downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Near the Book Bin and above Gluten Free RN. Darkside plays documentaries, current films, and independent films throughout the week. Plus! On Tuesday nights, it shows old sci-fi classics, film noir, and silent films with live music. Plus! On Tuesday, you get an hour pre-show of old commercials, infomercials, and cartoons! Inchworm, Inchworm…

The viewing rooms are small and top out at 50 seats making this a cozy experience. (I couldn’t imagine watching The Lighthouse in a larger auditorium. It would’ve lost something, I think.)

Now, you must mind your P’s & Q’s when attending most films; however, heckling is encouraged on Sci-Fi nights. The audience participation is pretty good and pretty funny once people get into it. The ticket is only $5 and the purchase goes toward food if you’re hungry! The food is pretty good, too! Pizza, quinoa bowls, chicken & tots, plus the usual concessions fare. Something for everyone.

Prices are reasonable with $8 matinees and seniors and $10 general tickets, $5 on Tuesday nights for the special features. Concessions include an array of yummy things and varying beverages for both under and over 21 drinkers. Plus! If you bring your own bowl, you get a discount on popcorn.

I realize I have been saying “plus!” a lot. But the Darkside Cinema is more than just films. It’s an experience. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go. It’s locally owned and operated which means your dollars go to people who care. They are super cool and friendly there, too! I mean, Plus!

Click HERE for films, showtimes, and information. The Darkside Cinema is located at 215 SW 4th St., Corvallis, Oregon. 541-752-4161

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